Bathroom Remodel Houston

Bathroom Remodeling Houston
Bathroom Remodeling Houston TX

Bathroom Remodel Houston

bathroom remodeling houston services

The Bathroom Remodel Houston Experts

Remodeling enhances the look of your house and gives your home and its vibe a new life. For this purpose, why must you settle for anything less than the best? At Bathroom Remodeling Houston TX, we can equip your house, kitchen, and bathroom with the best amenities.

Moreover, our team of experts comes with 20+ years of experience to help you achieve the house of your dreams. From floorplans to lighting and painting, we cater to any remodeling requirements, even on a budget.

What is more? We have a knack for understanding and creating designs that appease your eclectic tastes. With our services, remodeling and installing cabinetry will not seem taxing, as everything will flow smoothly.

What Makes Us Special?

You will undoubtedly find a plethora of bathroom remodelers in Houston, TX, easily. However, what sets us apart is our service quality and expertise. Not only will you adore your new home, but it will turn out better than your imagination.

Our remodeling projects begin with your input and end when you love the results. Also, since you will not engage in Kitchen Remodel Houston regularly, we ensure perfection. All this while, your budget, priorities, and requirements are at the forefront.

Your home is your sanctuary, and we take our projects seriously. That is why we pick the best possible equipment for your home. They last for years without any hiccups or glitches.

You can choose to remodel from scratch or adorn your space with new and modern fixtures. You may also want to repaint or install new cabinetry. At Houston TX Bathroom Remodeling, we are your one-stop solution to all things remodeling.

Types Of Bathroom Remodel Services We Offer

Our customer base has been expanding rapidly due to the quality of our services. No matter the renovation or remodeling scale, every project holds the utmost importance.

Our service range is vast, and we cater to different customizable tastes and preferences. The best part is that we can recreate the house you have visualized apart from template designs. Here are some of our widely used bathroom remodeling Houston services.

Floorplan Redesign

With a change in family size or simply due to the passage of time, your bathrooms and other spaces warrant a new floor plan. You can call us, and our team will get in touch and schedule a meeting. We will also give you free estimates once we know your requirements.

You can opt for a full bathroom, and kitchen remodels in Houston, partial changes, and bathroom expansions. Further, we will give you a thoroughly planned schedule and designs if you decide to proceed with the project. Before we take it from there, we welcome your input and wishes, and we will incorporate and improvise them into the plan.

Nonetheless, this will not just be a remodel; rather, it will be a wonderful experience for you. Also, you can go all in and demolish a wall or two and merge rooms. Our Houston TX kitchen remodeler team can even do all this while retaining your home’s previous style and décor.

Customized Bathroom Remodel

Do you dislike your bathroom walls? Well, you can certainly use our services to give your home a major makeover or even for minor touchups. Our team of experts will curate the most fitting designs per your needs and visualization. You can adorn your bathroom with the best equipment within your budget.

Since your bathroom is an extension of your personality, it should reflect that. Instead of cookie-cutter, plain and generic designs, you can give your bathroom some character. The following are some excellent custom bathroom remodeling Houston ideas that we have mastered.

Barrier-Free Bathrooms

Open space designs have picked up the wave for many reasons. Not only do they look sleek and modern, but they are highly functional, despite contrary opinions.

Also, the style is timeless, and you do not need to lift, shut, or step up. These bathrooms are also easy to clean and maintain with minimum hassle. Thus, we can create the classiest barrier-free or open bathroom designs for you.

Darker Tones

Dark tones are in! Black is bold and extremely popular these days. We can touch up your bathroom and kitchen design Houston, or completely revamp it in darker tones of blue or black. Moreover, we can do this in line with your existing fixtures and cabinetry if your wish to stick with them.

Futuristic Bathrooms

No, these are not alien or space-themed bathrooms; instead, these are high-tech upgraded ones. This style is for you if you are always on the go, like saving time or simply enjoying technology. Smart showers, automatic sinks, adjustable air dryers, anything you wish to add to your bathroom is possible.

Furthermore, you can take it higher and opt for voice-activated features for amenities such as temperature and lighting. With bathroom remodelers Houston TX, the sky is the limit. We also cater to innovative enhancements with a set budget.

Simply Vintage

Vintage never goes out of style, and many of our customers have loved the vintage remodel. For this, we can embellish your bathroom with gold-themed elegant fixtures. Also, quality is paramount, and we take great care while selecting the material for you.

You can opt for warmer tones with complimenting light fixtures, hardware, cabinetry, and mirrors. Brass tones, traditional and shiny chrome with polishing and finish, are also an excellent idea for your bathrooms and kitchen remodeling Houston.

Bathroom Painting

bathroom remodeling houston services

Your bathroom is just as important as any other room, and you might have great plans for it. We will help you bring those ideas to life. Not only do we take and work on your inputs first, but we also try to suggest ideas that will help translate to success.

DIY ventures for bathroom painting and remodeling do not always work out. With the help of our professionals at kitchen remodeling Houston TX, you can remodel your bathroom in the best way possible. Along with that, we help make the process cost-effective and offer our services at a reasonable price.

Our process is well-planned, and we begin by choosing the best colors for your bathroom. Also, we use the best quality paints. After everything, we give a clean finish to your bathroom that makes it look brand new. The following are some of the most popular ideas that our customers tend to love.

The Modern-Look

For those looking for a modern yet sophisticated finish, we offer unique contemporary colors and themes. These may include taupe-colored walls or soft-gray or bright white walls.

Each of these has a different vibe. Charcoal and griege with laminate countertops Houston are also among the top picks for a modern-day bathroom.

The Airy and Bright Look

Some of you may prefer a cheerier bathroom. For you, we might suggest pistachio, lavender, dusty blue; hunter-green; peachy pink, and other colors. Besides this, light-blue, light-green, periwinkle, and creamy white also give a fantastic look to your bathroom.

The Unique Look

Some people love to provide a different feel to their bathrooms. Hence, kitchen remodelers Houston TX, offer different, unique colors and themes. These include stormy blue; deep navy, black; ink, cerulean, and others. A brown, woody texture also creates a great look.

Tub And Shower Replacement

Since you must use your tub or shower regularly, they are bound to wear down with time. Additionally, when you have a crooked, unkept tub and shower, it degrades the entire look of your bathroom. Not only this, but it also lessens the utility of your bathroom.

You might want to replace or remodel your tub and shower for a better experience. We will offer our services at a reasonable price and do work professionally. Besides, we will first inspect your bathroom and ensure safety.

Then we will take your inputs and convert your bathroom into the one you desire. We have a plethora of colors and designs you can choose from. Moreover, we will help you choose one that goes with the rest of your bathroom décor.

Installation Of Fixtures

What is a bathroom without beautiful cabinetry, countertops, and faucets? Apart from being sleek and functional, they should also blend in with your bathroom remodel Houston plan. Therefore, we exercise great care while selecting your fixtures and present them for your approval.

Since our motto is to be elegant, professional, and affordable, we make it a point not to stretch your budget. Additionally, our team of experienced professionals uses the best tools while adhering to your budget. Here are some of our top, widely popular ideas.

Prefabricated Granite Countertops Houston

Be it for your kitchen or your bathroom, granite countertops elevate the look and feel to a whole new level. Manufacturers cut these granite slabs to standard sizes and with a bulldoze edging, making them perfect.

Besides, due to their durability, polish, and sheer looks, they have become a favorite amongst all remodelers alike. Thus, you do not need to look any further for prefab granite countertops Houston.We will install them for you at the most reasonable prices. You will surely love this fancy and chiselled countertop.

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets are not just essential for storage, but they also help you bring out your bathroom style. However, they can be redundant if you do not have space and affix them at the wrong place. After evaluating your bathroom layout, our team will install the modern cabinetry at the most accessible location.

With us, you can take your pick from the trendiest designs. From contemporary, modern to traditional designs, our ideas do not fall short. Apart from that, we are also adept at installing cabinetry and countertops in small spaces.

Custom Cabinets

We can design your cabinets for you and compliment them with matching and beautiful countertops. Quartzite countertops in Houston are particularly famous and trendy as they look stunning and highly durable. Even more so than granite ones.

You can opt for repainting and polishing your old cabinets if they are in good condition. That will add life to the place and make everything look brand new. Rest assured, our team only has the best advice to offer.

We also specialize in floating cabinets if you wish for a spacious and modern look. They facilitate easy maintenance, and you will have loads of leg space too. Moreover, we can add clear shower curtains for your bathrooms to complete the look.

Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom or kitchen remodel Houston TX is never complete unless it has perfect lighting. Furthermore, it also decides the way you look and how your bathroom selfies will turn out. We help you choose the best lighting for your bathroom that reflects your personality and makes your bathroom look classy.

Apart from focusing on the right look, we make sure the lights we install are of high quality. Also, we ensure that we fix them appropriately with a professional finish. We will try and leave no scope for complaint.

Bright light With Dimmers

If you are a fan of airy spaces and a dreamy look, we have just the thing for you. We would install bright lights in your bathroom. Moreover, we would install them with dimmers, so that if you are in a mood to relax, you can easily do so.

Recessed Lights

We affix these lights into the false ceiling, and they face downwards. They help light up an entire space for your comfort. Hence, we can place them near a mirror to enhance your look and make your bathroom look super stylish.

Ambiance Lighting

The bathroom is about comfort, and hence we offer ambiance lights of different colors. Our bathroom remodel Houston team will install them strategically so that you can take full advantage. These warm lights will lighten your mood and give you the perfect dramatic-yet-soothing effect.


Backlighting is now essential for a perfectly modern look. You can use blacklights for a creative, top-notch effect in your bathroom. Primarily when used with a mirror, backlighting creates the best aura. Even though it does not increase the usability of your bathroom, it indeed enhances its look.