Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Remodeling Houston TX

Kitchen Cabinets Houston TX

Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Remodeling Houston TX

Kitchen Cabinets Houston TX

Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Remodeling Houston TX

See What new Kitchen Cabinets Can Do For Your Home

The kitchen is indeed the heart of the home! You deserve a kitchen that lives up to this vital role. Fine kitchen cabinets form the basis for the structural foundation of kitchens. They never fail to add a dash of flair while boosting utility. Here at Houston TX Home Remodeling, you will find the most refined and skilled cabinet makers Houston can offer. We even offer cabinets to go Houston Texas!

For most homeowners, a kitchen that is functional as well as aesthetic is the ultimate dream. Smart design choices can genuinely revolutionize the look and feel of your kitchen, and cabinets are at its core. Whether you have been gathering kitchen remodeling ideas for a while or wish to take a detour during a renovation, we have got you covered.

Now that you have stumbled across our fine array explore further and settle only for the best!

We Can Help You Find What’s Best for You

It is critical to consider quality and style when you are selecting kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodeling plans. You can put a checkmark against quality since we are seasoned Houston cabinet makers, never compromising value. As for the style, you can take your pick based on the four fundamental types of cabinets and their designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

Every kitchen’s design revolves around the focus of the homeowner when they step into the cooking arena. There are different types of cabinets that fit into different remodeling plans. If you are not sure what type would be best for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We will be happy to offer suggestions.


Usually, base cabinets are 36” tall and 24” deep. You can choose to increase the depth by around 3” to 4” on some custom or custom-blend applications. For convenience, base cabinetry often rests upon 4” recessed risers that are popularly called “toe kicks.”


The upper cabinetry is typically up to 12” deep, but you can extend it to reach 17”.


If you are looking for cabinets that serve the purpose of broom storage or pantry space, tall cabinets are the answer. Ask any kitchen designer Houston to tell you that the standard for these is a height of 83.5” to 85”.

Specialty Units

Specialty units are the secret to maximum efficiency in terms of space management and organization. They make the most of square footage and include sink or cooktop fronts, corner cabinets, and suspended units. Bottle racks, hutches, and appliance garages are also specialty units.

A backsplash measuring 18” can create a usable workspace between the bottom edge of upper units and the countertops.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Kitchen Remodel Houston

Once you have a blueprint of what type of cabinets go where you can finally move onto the exciting part: selecting the style. With the diverse range accessible through Kitchen Remodeling Texas, you may have the best kitchen remodel Houston TX residents will witness!

You can choose to have your kitchen cabinets custom-designed or explore our array of prefabricated semi-stock or in-stock options.

The first factor you will need to consider is whether you want your kitchen to align with the overall home décor or desire a fresh look. Your cabinet styles will fit in accordingly. Below are some popular styles for every home, and we are proud to offer them and more!


Contemporary designs are one of the most sought styles when it comes to kitchen cabinets. They are sleek and minimalist, helping you achieve a clean, streamlined look. We use primarily flat surfaces and minimal ornamentation to accomplish this.

These cabinets do not have faux finishes or decorative trims. If you like those, you may want to look at our traditional options. Contemporary cabinets usually follow sober or monochromatic color schemes and feature metal, glass, or concrete.

Contemporary cabinets are ideal if you have less space and do not wish to crowd your kitchen. Our kitchen remodeling Houston services will help you maximize space usage!


Modern cabinets and contemporary cabinets are like siblings, but modern designs are boldly angular and curvy. Modern designs reflect mid-century aesthetics, often being a blend of new and traditional features.

These cabinets often use artificial materials, and frosted glass is a popular choice. They may have a laminate or wood veneer facing. At Kitchen Remodeling Texas, we produce the highest-grade laminate countertops Houston can offer, among other materials – you name it!


Rustic or country-style kitchen cabinets belong to the traditional family of designs. Rustic patterns are warm and inviting, with wood as the central element. The focus is on the authenticity of the wood with its textures. Pine, oak, maple, and cherry wood are staples you can find in various colors.

Generally, rustic kitchen cabinets do not have glossy finishes. Instead, they are rough or matte. It accentuates the authentic feel of the style when put together with stone or prefab granite countertops Houston.

French Country

French country kitchen cabinets are a traditional style that reflects the ornate and cozy charm of French kitchens. Such cabinetry involves intricate carvings, decorative moldings, elaborate arches, and acute detailing. We have a team of the best cabinet makers Houston. You can rely upon us for perfection regardless of complexity.

Summing Up: Why Choose Us?

When you Choose Kitchen Remodeling Texas, you choose reliability and quality. Distinctive design, brilliant craftsmanship, and high-class quality are the basics you can expect from our cabinetry. Our professional Houston cabinet makers will ensure that your vision manifests in your kitchen designs.

Our cabinetry is a fusion of ergonomic and functional features in stride with traditional or current trends. We offer economical options, and no job is little for us!

We value our customers and their time, so we will constantly tailor our work to your suggestions. We are proud of our commitment to excellence and strive to shape relationships with our customers. If you have any queries, recommendations, or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We hope to accompany you on your kitchen remodeling journey!